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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Universities defend credit card deals

Officials from Iowa's three populace universities are defending trades which let companies to marketplace their recognition card game to students. Iowa, Ioway State and UNI have got understandings with Depository Financial Institution of United States to marketplace university-branded recognition card game to alums, but Ioway and Ioway State also aim students.

Iowa State University Alumni Association president Jeffrey Samuel Johnson states most pupils can't acquire purchase in today's human race without a recognition card. "If our pupils are going to make normal society, adult-related purchases or transactions, they have got got to have some word form of credit," he says. Doug True -- a University of Ioway senior frailty president, states the sole contract actually cut downs the figure of recognition card solicitations aimed at pupils while they're on campus.

"One of the personal effects of having a single provider....there weren't a battalion of (companies) soliciting pupils at the union," he says. However, the 10-year deal with Depository Financial Institution of United States makes not forestall other recognition card companies from selling their card game to pupils through the mail or at off-campus locations in Ioway City and Ames.

Some pupils have got complained about the universities giving their computer addresses to recognition card companies, but True states it's public information that tin be purchased by any company. True and Samuel Johnson appeared Tuesday before a legislative commission studying the issue.

Representative Jodi Tymeson, a Republican from Winterset, states it looks the larger fiscal issue for pupils is loans to pay for college tuition rather than the debt they're racking up on recognition cards.

"The aggressive selling of recognition card game to pupils is not as large a job as we thought," Tymeson says. "Certainly, I would promote parents to speak to their children about the fact that they're going to be receiving all these offerings and that there is a cost with a recognition card. It isn't easy money. It isn't free money."

According to records from the University of Ioway and Ioway State, fewer than 600 pupils have got signed up to transport the Depository Financial Institution of United States cards, and the norm balance on one of those card game is $1,100. The school functionaries cited other statistics indicating the norm pupil at Ioway and Ioway State is carrying about $23,000 in pupil loan debt.Â

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