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Friday, November 16, 2007

Nigeria: 'Our Challenges as Female Auto Mechanics' -

Agha IbiamLagos

Miss. Opeoluwa Gentle, 21, from Ekiti State is a superb girl, judging by her communicating art and her senior school certification scrutiny (SSCE) consequence which she made at one sitting. Ope is naturally scientific discipline inclined.

But her hope of becoming a mechanical technology pupil at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) was dashed.

Even when she scored more than than the cut-off mark at the station University Matriculation Examination (UME) Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) scrutiny in 2005, she told THISDAY that she was not considered for admission.

This rejection almost frustrated her as she had no 2nd program of what she could make to break her hereafter since she had lost her father in 2003. But today, she said that letdown have turned out to be a approval in disguise as that have led her to becoming one of the lady mechanic's that graduated recently at the Lady Machinist Initiative, Lagos.

"I was not admitted for the course of study I applied for even though I scored 42 as against 34 Marks the school authorization said the cut-off mark was", she said during the end of the first twelvemonth ceremonial of the arrangement in Lagos.

It was a friend of hers in Ajegunle where she dwells that gave her the information about the machinist preparation through a flier. In April, 2006, she commenced as a machinist trainee, an country that is regarded as male dominated field. The course of study which Ope could not read in books and larn all about theories surrounding mechanical engineering, she have ended up learning practical.

Like any profession, Ope had challenges that almost threatened her from continuing the training. She said, "I was loosing form and getting weak. At a point I lost path of the whole thing, but was encouraged by household members". Even though she have acquired some technical experience in motor mechanics, she still eyes the Ivory Tower where she trusts to do her experience complete. But this time, the contrary will now be the lawsuit where she will drill her trade full-time, and surveys on part-time basis.

Grace Kadiri Boubai, 25, is a dark complexioned miss from Bayelsa State. She have been on preparation for two years. It was through the little sister that she came to cognize about the initiative. Just like the narrative of the seeds in the Holy Place Book that drop on fertile soil, she became the fertile dirt on which the seed fell, grew and multiplied.

On seeing Grace for the first time, it is hard to separate her from a man, as the preparation have brought out a masculine stature in her. Grace who now remains with the father in Lagos, having lost her female parent is determined to finish the three twelvemonth programme. And after that, she trusts to travel back to her state and set up a workshop.

Following her wise men footsteps, Sandra Aguebor, laminitis of the initiative, Grace said the workshop focuses on preparation of girls. This way, they are discouraged from going into prostitution, kid trafficking and other societal frailties that abound in the society.

Just like her co-worker Ope, Grace said she will still like to travel back to school after the training. But for now, this sort of preparation is what she have been yearning for and she is determined to follow it to the end.

Another trainee, Noemi Dinlongi, have also been on the preparation for two old age and hopes to finish the three twelvemonth course. She was a pupil in Jos, but heard about the lady machinist enterprise at the Praise Sanctuary, Deliver Church of Supreme Being in Lagos, and decided to do calling in it.

"Honestly I am in love with the career and that is why I am showing a batch of involvement in it. I bury about the emphasis and guarantee I give my best for it", she said. Noemi said there were two other misses that came from Redeem, but had to discontinue apparently owed to the emphasis facet of the job. Though there are challenges on the occupation such as as getting injured and exposed to sunshine, Noemi take a firm stands that she prefers it to staying idle.

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She will desire to travel back to her small town in Tokyo State to set up a workshop. To actualise this dreaming will not be a job to her as the arrangement is in partnership with a batch of corporate houses that could assist them to excel.

Some of the arrangements are Coscharis Motors, PAN, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Depository Financial Institution and Commissioners for Women Personal Business in Lagos and Benin. Others are former first lady of Lagos, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu, Rotary Clubs and other non-governmental organisations. Apart from working closely with these few organisations, Sandra told the assemblage that she have benefited tremendously from the American government. Through the United States Embassy in Nigeria, she was able to see seven states in the United States courtesy of Dr. Atim George, Counselor for Populace Affairs, United States embassy.

The enterprise have successfully trained and graduated seven misses and a Liberian refugee boy, picked from assorted deprived circumstances. They were first rehabilitated and provided with the preparation in car machinist care and fix technology. She said the trainees are counseled on wellness and psychologically before the preparation commences.

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