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Friday, November 12, 2004

it looks like freedom resort spa is

It looks like Freedom Resort & Spa is having some construction difficulties. I got a mass emailing from them saying the Resort will be open by January but the bar, Club Freedom, should be open in December so all family members could ring in the New Year together. I only hope this delay doesn’t mean they will never open. We may have to wait for Mark to win the Lottery then (and I need to mention our Lottery is up to $32 million this week).

Mark is getting all these classes at work. He’s now working Saturday and Sunday. Well, that gives me some alone time to play videogames. Woot!

One of the security guards at work decided to send a snide email to the Care Center which ticked off some people. Some sort of email war began back and forth, and the next thing I know Byron is asking me to cover the Front Desk. Déjà vu! I’m back! But Randy is off today so I don’t need to be available to assist him, and both Chris’s know they can reach me at the Front Desk for Help Desk stuff….AND I just log into my desk PC remotely and it’s almost like I’m still there (except for the CRT…I have two flat screens on my desk…video real estate!). I will be here until 4 today.

It looks like Terry Pratchett novel, Going Postal, when I got to the Front Desk. Yes, I’m already sucked in. I love everything he writes.