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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Termination-er

I came into work this morning to find the rest of the group talking about something that had happened yesterday after I left. I get invited to look at a few emails to explain what's going on...and I see lists of employees we are letting go. Now I know I wasn't one of them (they would have told me the day before not to come back) but it still hit home. I thought about how easily it could have been me.

I have been laid off before - twice actually - so I know I would survive if it had happened. But if you've ever lost a job, you know that feeling you get when it happens. The ground seems to open underneath you and then you get that feeling of shock. You just seemed wrapped in a blanket: sounds are muted, things around you seem unreal. It's a common human response. You just have to ride it out. Then pick yourself up, look over your options, choose one, and move on.

And our Christmas Party...excuse me - Holiday Gala - is Saturday. Will any of the employees who were let go show up? All of this just makes me think of a saying I believe in: 'Expect the best, prepare for the worst.'


My written exam was way too easy last night. It was 20 questions taken exactly from our previous 8 quizzes. He didn't even mix up the order of the multiple choice answers. I'm almost positive I got a 100% on it. The teacher handed out our final lab which we will be doing in the next two weeks. He split the class in half for each week, but if my lab partner and I do the lab and have him check it one evening when he's there he'll mark it off as completed. This lab is so incredibly simple we should have it done in 10 minutes.

As mentioned in the first part, my Holiday Gala is Saturday. I've decided to attend this year (we aren't having one the next few years because of our financial situation). I've also decided to wear my tuxedo. Hell, it hangs in my closet and I never get to wear it. I think it will be used at least once in 2006 (the last time we used out tuxes was on a cruise in 2005).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Prom Was Never Like This!

I just purchased the soundtrack to a really great stage show. It's called Zombie Prom. Now most of you know I really enjoy things that are weird, macabre, and not usually the norm, and this definitely fits the bill.

I first heard the opening number for this musical on XM's Broadway channel and it had me hooked right away. I went online and easily found the show through a Google search. Information on the stage show is HERE. But going through more of the results I found out...they've made a movie out it! And it stars RuPaul! Check out the trailer! [WARNING: It contains a huge spoiler in it] It's currently making the rounds of the gay film festivals.

Why the gay film festivals you ask?

The storyline is definitely not about gay people, or gay subject matters. It's just about two young kids who fall in love, but are forced to break-up because the girl's parents think the boy is a bad influence (he drives a motorcycle, wears a leather jacket, etc). The boy is so distraught he throws himself into the town's nuclear reactor to kill himself. But by the title, you can tell he comes back as a Teenage Nuclear Zombie! Throw in a disciplinarian school principal (Delilah Strict is her name), a sleazy tabloid reporter, some awesome high-energy songs, and sharp, witty lyrics...and Voila! You have a campy musical! But the story is basically an allegory about how society has treated gay people. But it is in no way preachy, just a heck of a lot of fun.

If you like musical theater, and are looking for something new and different, you'll find it at the Zombie Prom!

P.S. - Check out RuPaul's take on 'People Are People' here.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sorry about no post yesterday. Coming back to work after moving people last week, and counselors going to their new desks...there was lots of whining and problems that had to be taken care of. Add to that me leaving my laptop at home (I now have no desktop at work so basically I couldn't do anything until Mark brought it to me - luckily, had an appointment down town and dropped it off on his way.), things just didn't permit me time to sit and put together an entry.

The first order of business: What was the gift that Mark brought me? I did tell Spider over the weekend because he was practically begging to know. ;-)

It's a Build-A-Bear with leather chaps on. Now they are Harley Davidson riding chaps (as opposed to posing chaps which have the snaps/zippers on the inside of the pants leg, not the outside) but LeatherWerks hasn't created a line of t-backs, vests, and boots for teddy bears...just real ones. Mark will pick up the rest of the outfit on his next trip out to Anaheim (which is this evening and comes back in two weeks).

Let's move on. We had a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving Day weekend. The best part was NOT getting up Friday before the sun and going out to the stores. We looked through the ads on Thursday night after everyone had gone home. And we saw nothing that really jumped out at us...nothing that we wanted to go stand in line for and fight other shoppers looking for parking spots. I specifically remember Sydney waking me up wanting to go to the bathroom. I took her out, and gratefully climbed back into bed, thinking how much better I felt being able to go back to sleep and not be out at the stores.

Saturday night we ran out to the MGM/Studios and checked out the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. 'Dancing' has been added to the title this year. Every 15 minutes the lights put on a show to a hard-driving Christmas tune (Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs). And I really have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's amazing to see all the lights in the whole area just blinking and fading in tune to the music. After checking all that out, we then caught Fantasmic which I also still enjoy a lot.

We spent Friday and Saturday putting lights on my mom's house, my brother's house, and our friend C.'s house. You could get rich doing that if you had the time and equipment. With all of Mark's traveling three houses were all we could handle.

Sunday night Mark did a performance while I walked around Epcot and riding a few attractions. When he was done we ran over to the Studios again and had dinner at Mama Melrose's which was soooo good!


I am now fed up with leftovers. At least I finished off several of the containers of food this morning packing my lunch. I can actually get to the back of the fridge now. Tonight will be some more Thursday I should have them all finished. But the kids have been loving the dark meat we saved for them. I give them a little bit in their bowl at each feeding.

I hope everyone had a good weekend like we did. Take care!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Heaping Helping Of WHAT???

Gentle readers, our word for today is: Twatwaffles

There are few bloggers who can make me laugh out loud. One of them is my friend Craig, at the Gilded Palace Of Sin, but Craig can also make me bawl like a baby with his posts. The other blogger who makes me giggle at work so my co-workers stare at me is Six Shooter. I am so thankful I was in the office alone when I read his post today entitled 'What's as big as a cruise ship, but isn't?'. I laughed hysterically at this story.

Six, thanks for the great laugh today!


Overheard in an LA emergency room:

'Mr. Gere, the cell phone in your back pocket seems to be squeaking.'

'Uh, cell phone...'


Last night I made bread dough in the bread machine and then made rolls. This was a pretest for Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow. God were they good! Mark got home and I was so glad to see him. I can't wait to post a pic of the gift he brought me.

I'm going to go finish my to-do list here at work then go home and enjoy the next 4 days off. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Telemrketer Hell

This is so good I couldn't wait until Monday to post it! Anything where the telemarketer gets put on the spot is alright by me!

Revenge On Telemarketers