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Friday, May 27, 2005

Puppy UpDate

As asked for, here's an update on Logan and Sydney:

They are both doing fine. Logan seems to have reached his optimum weight (about 79 pounds) and Sydney seems to still be growing (about 27 pounds as of last Thursday). It's amazing when we look at the few photos of her as a puppy and see how big she has gotten. And yesterday she was able to jump up on the bed with the help of a running start. It's true what people say: that the first-born gets all the pictures taken. We have tons of Logan but few of Sydney. We will try and correct that soon but she also is so energetic. She will not stand still for long. She is doing ok with her training class but is more willful than Logan is. I'm hoping that over time she will copy Logan's way of being obedient.

Sydney was spayed and microchipped while we were out of town. The bill for that along with boarding for them and a few shots and tests for Sydney was $480+! I am so glad Mark's friend Melanie was able to pick them up Friday afternoon and watch them in the evenings while we were gone-we didn't have to pay for 7 nights of boarding. She did report to us that Sydney was licking her stitches and the vet did not give her one of the Direct TV collars. We learn this Saturday afternoon, AFTER our vet has closed, so Melanie took Sydney to PetSmart and got her one. But Monday night we got a message from Melanie telling us she had chewed through it (I think Sydney had help from her brother) but appeared not to be bothering her stitches anymore. That was a relief.

Neither of them likes the pool. Logan will step into it down to the 2nd step but won't go all the way in unless we carry him. Sydney won't even get her paws wet. We took them to the dog park Wednesday for some play time and Logan tried to climb into the bucket of water to splash I think we will start filling the kiddie pool next to the pool and let him play in it. Maybe someday soon he will jump into the pool on his own.

Sydney now sleeps at the foot of the bed (on it). Logan sleeps between the bathroom floor (on the cool linoleum) and next to me in bed. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'll make him go back into the bathroom if I don't want to be sandwiched between him and Mark.

We were discussing with my sister about what breeds are in Sydney and she mentioned how Border Collies are very intense and will just sit and watch you. Sydney does this a lot...and I notice it so much more now that Jean told me this. Sydney does watch us all the time. Maybe as she gets older she'll be even more clever than Logan.


Season Finales (and 1 Series Finale) I saw and my thoughts:

Will & Grace: Stanley's alive? Well, that wasn't too much of a shock. The plots have been getting boring (at least between W&G). I hope they keep doing more with Jack and his job at Out TV. Those are some of the funniest bits now.

Desparate Housewives: Rex can't be dead! It's gotta be a trick he's playing to see if Bree was the one poisoning him with potassium (so he thinks). All in all an incredible season finale for us. We were riveted to the screen for the whole thing.

Alias: Oh my god! Does J.J. Abrams know how to keep us in suspense or what? Just when Michael was going to tell his secret to Sydney, that SUV smashes into them (and made me jump out of my seat!). All we know now is their 'chance' meeting in the very first episode was actually arranged. Did he work for SD6 at that time or some other group? Tell me, Mr Abrams!

Everybody Loves Raymond: An anti-finale I would say. It was very funny but no real closure was made except for the camera pull-out at the end with the families all around the table. I know this was a problem for some people. For me, it just told me that life went on, and even though they would fight and conflicts would happen, they still loved each other. I liked it better than if the writers would have had them having their dreams come true or someone really dying.

CSI:Miami: Is Kali really gone? And will Horatio's brother ever return? Will his wife stay with him, thereby leaving the show?

CSI: Quentin Tarantino is one twisted fuck. That whole burying thing was bad enough, but then having the ants bit thrown in was just torture. I think I'm starting to like this one better than the Miami version.


We are going to see Dragness of God and the Naked Holy Ghost tonight at the Fringe Festival. I can't wait. I always rave about Michael Wanzie's plays and I'm sure this will be no different. For next Friday we are seeing The Naked Guy which has played at the Fringe in previous years to rave reviews. It's being put on for Gay Days because.....there's full frontal nudity in it! WooHoo!

Friends of ours are coming in next week for Gay Days. The only problem is they are meeting up with a straight couple that Mark & I are getting tired of spending time with. It seems everytime Mickey and Mel visit, D & S come to Orlando, too (and one time they brought their kids - talk about a couple of horrible brats). I am going to call Mickey and tell her the truth: that on Saturday we don't want to hang around D & S. They are ok but we just aren't good friends with them; we would rather spend time with the girls or ourselves, rather than with D & S.


Some things we realized on our trip:

-Simon Malls look alike. They apparently use the same color schemes and such. I guess they make their money by creating cookie-cutter decor for their new locations.

-Our rental car had a Florida plate on it even though we picked it up in Virginia

-woodchucks look like beavers without the flat tails (we saw several on our trip)

-deer make for huge roadkill. We saw 2 dead ones during our trip. We are used to squirrels and possums which are small...seeing a huge deer in the middle of the road was just such a big surprise.