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Monday, June 13, 2005

Subversive As Ever

We had a good weekend. The only depressing thing is the crab grass that is taking over a huge patch of our front yard. That stuff is just nasty. You pull it up in huge clumps and you're left with a patch of dead grass because that stuff is so thick and invasive it kills the St. Augustine grass. We had showers throughout Saturday and a bit of Sunday.

Mark had to work Saturday afternoon so I took Sydney to her final obedience class. She wasn't top dog but she passed. Hey, she's younger than Logan was when he went to class. Each puppy got a rawhide 'diploma'. One of the dogs barked and snapped at Sydney when she walked near him thinking she was going to take hig rawhide. I think she learned that not all dogs are friendly like Logan.

We made dinner and sat down to watch Tarzan on the Wonderful World of Disney...and in hi-def. Just an amazing thing to see. I played around with my laptop while watching the show. Afterwards Mark had fallen asleep on the couch so I also watched the Muppets Wizard of Oz on DVR. It was a lot better than I was led to believe. There were some really good inside jokes. The only part I actually didn't like was the Scooter character. I didn't like the new voice/performer. Scooter was origianlly performed by Richrd Hunt. He also did Janice, Statler, Sweetums, and Janice. He passed away in 1992 from AIDS. At that time Scooter was 'retired'. That's why you didn't see him in the Muppets Tonight series. But I guess someone wanted him back for MWoO and it was just not the same. But oherwise it was a fun hour and 40 minutes; there weren't too many songs, and the changes to the script actually help to keep it fresh. It wasn't a direct take off on the story we all know. From the story I read, the Disney execs got scared after reading the script because of the similarities to the Movie, and since Disney has had a run-in with Ted Turner (he owns the rights) before they didn't want to get him on their case again. Well I say it was a blessing. The script was still inventive, and actually had enough storyline changes to keep it from being predicatable. Oh, there was one other thing that bugged me: Are there really black people in Kansas?

Sunday morning we went to Animal Kingdom to check out a few things and then get to our errands. We first went to the Festival of the Lion King to check out the theater. It was recently enclosed so that it is now air conditioned inside. Animal Kingdom is a hot park, they made a good move in doing this (they are also enclosing the Tarzan Theater in the future, too). Unfortunately, the main performers were lack-luster. They either are not morning people or they aren't very good performers. But we got our fill of Tumble Monkey eye candy, and enjoyed seeing which male dancer was acting the queeniest.

We then went to DinoLand and watched Lucky the Dinosaur, a free-standing animatronic that walks around. He was fun to watch but being in the direct sun we didn't stay long (and oh my god! is disney just hiring old and/or socially retarded Cast Members now? There wasn't a cute make one to be seen anywhere in the park!). We waited in line for Tarzan Rocks and got a seat 4th row, Center stage. Check out the pictures below and eat your heart out! Even though the dredlock wig is hideous, the rest of him was boner-inducing when you are that close. During the show Mark's cell phone rang. It was his neice. He answered it because she was driving up to our place and he wanted to make sure she wasn't having car-trouble, etc. As he spoke to her the male vocalist came over and reached his hand out for the phone. I nudged Mark and he looked up and handed the phone to the guy (His name was Sean G.). Sean said 'He's busy right now. He'll call you back later!' and hung-up. It was great! After the show we walked past Expedition Everest and took photos. When you walk past the Tarzan Theater that ride just smacks you right in the face with how big it is. I can't wait for that one.

Christie got her earlier than I thought. It will be nice to have her here so she can let the dogs out to go to the bathroom during the time we are away. She isn't scheduled to work at Epcot until Saturday, but she is ging in today to pick up extra shifts.

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Watch out for loin-cloth sweat!

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I know why she's smiling: she's seen what's under that loin cloth!