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Monday, October 31, 2005

More Debauchery...

Part 2:

He's dressed up as a man drinking beer!

See! It wasn't all wild costumes! There were lots of decorations, too.

More guys who went out of their way to celebrate the holiday.

And he wasn't wearing underwear, just like the Romans, we made sure...

Where the hell is my Swiss Miss cocoa?

We think what was in his long-johns was real...

It was scarier without the flash.

At least he tried...

The obligatory 'man with chiansaw' at the end of the haunted garage.

The end of the haunted garage was a wide open area themed with freaks and a graveyard. It was a great job done in a small space.

If you look closely, you can see that the mummy was....ummm...quite aroused by the whole experience.

A clothed freak in the end section.


The stage entertainment.

Have you seen my sheep?

They were characters from the 5th Element

The contest judges.

A vehicle from the 5th Element.

Ursula with the Little Mermaid

Those bitches rode in style!

You see a lot of leather-with-wings costumes at a gay campground during Halloween. That's Heaven for me!

Touched by an angel!

He actually isn't praying. He was trying to catch thrown candy when this photo was snapped.

The 5th Element crew again.

The 5th Element car from the other side...

The guy who arranged the parade (in the scoop)

Wings and leather again.

Love the go-go boots!

The 2nd unit of Red Hat ladies! Notice one of them is pregnant.

Friday, October 28, 2005

To Boldly Swish....

This just in (thanks to How Does One Deal? ):

George Takei Comes Out of the Closet

I must say his 'cloaking device' never diverted my gaydar. It was just a question of 'will he admit it to the public?' And all I have to say is 'Good for you, George!' (I'm sure there's a furor in Star Trek fandom circles right now.)

Now for the evil part. Tonight I am having dinner with my mom and brother for my brother's birthday. I will tell my brother this news (he was a fanatical Star Trek fan back in the 70's) to get a rise out of him. My brother was mean to me growing up, and as he matured (if you call it that) disassociated himself from me. Ours is not a relationship of talking about our lives or going out to dinner together. He can say a few sentences to me but seems a bit uncomfortable around me. I say 'live, and let live.' If he wants to be like that, I'm not going to force him to change. He is not mean or vindictive to me...he just seems socially stunted.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Say It, You Little Bitch!

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