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Monday, July 24, 2006

Not Today

Sorry, kids...I've been working my butt off today moving equipment at work. No time to write more than this. Update tomorrow if things slow down. Take care!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Everyone Loves A Pearl Necklace...And Other Weekend Items

I've got a lot of little things to talk about today so buckle-up and read on.


On Saturday Mark's sister and brother-in-law were in town for a college re-union event. We had lunch with them at the Yacht Club restaurant. We were really excited because his neice was leaving the next day with her mom back to South Florida. Hurrah! The electrical meter would stop spinning at light speed now. Well, I suggested to Mark that we go out to Sea World that night and ride the Kraken and look around. So we did. They have a new area themed to a Mediteranian seaside village that is very pretty (as opposed to old Key West themed area in the front), and we discovered this section where they do the pearl diving. There is stadium seating in fron of the 'grotto' windows where the people dive down and grab oysters for customers. And diving for oysters was one f-ing hot guy wearing only plack spandex shorts and goggles. Needless to say we spent quite a while watching him swim down and around, then back up for air. Not a hair on his body and a great chest and 'package'. Unfotunately, we didn't bring the camera because we didn't expect to see such nice 'scenery'.

I wonder how much I would have to pay him to make me a pearl necklace?


My Friday post said I was going out for the day to relax and maybe see a movie...that was until I went to let the dogs out and discovered the pond pump was not running (the backyard is eerily quiet when the pump is off). I then opened up the skimmer and checked it out. No giant frog stuck in the intake (or should I say 'half a frog'?). The water was very hot in the skimmer; that was from the pump trying to work and overheating, thus making the water hot. So I spent my day driving out to Apopka to Aquatic Eco-Systems and buying a new one ($244). Mark got in Saturday morning, slept a few hours, and then went to work on the pump. Luckily, he had the piping parts needed and we got it in in about half an hour, though it was incredibly hot outside. But after getting the pump and getting home I did not feel like going out so spent the rest of the evening at home.


Movie Review - Crash - A very powerful movie, but I don't think it should ahve won the Oscar. Something nagged at me as I watched it. I think it was because it just didn't feel 100% plausible. Some of those people did the dumbest things and I wanted to shout at them. I also thought they should have wrapped up the storyline with Matt Dillon and the lady in the car wreck. How did that rescue affect her? You only see her one more time after that and she's simply on the phone with her husband.

Movie Review 2 - Elvira's Haunted Hills - A 'B' movie for 'B' movie's sake. Cheesy jokes. Cheesy acting. Lots of cleavage. All this and Richard O'Brien chewing up the scenery. Fun if you are an Elvira fan (like me). One thing I did notice: during a few scenes where you see her bare shoulders, you can see the scars on her body. As a small child she was scalded by boiling water on her body.


Sydney is doing well. We have to make her walk slowly, becasue if she walks quickly or runs she uses only three legs which is not what you want to happen.

Whoops! Got to cut this short. I have to go to one of our directo's homes and install a wireless network for him. Later!