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Monday, November 7, 2005

What Are You Wearing?

Have you ever been having a really hot cyber-session with someone in a chat room (or IM), and suddenly you imagine what this anonymous person REALLY looks like? -->


The weekend was pretty good. After a company event Friday night, we went to Studz to chat with friends. We hadn't been there in over a month.

J. was there and we got talking about lots of different things. He spoke to me aobut a friend who works for a software company that has opened 8 new positions that need to be filled. The pay is good, the benefits are excellent, and the job involves occasional traveling. He took my card and said he's have him call me. Is there a change in my job future ahead? I enjoy where I am but working for a non-profit the pay is not competitive.

Saturday evening we helped Mark's friend move a few large items to his new apartment (when you have a truck, everyone wants you to move them). His friend then treated us to dinner at the Ale House. We were in Linens & Things as our friend was picking up some 'new apartment' necessaties. I saw so many home items there I need that I think I'm moving L&T to the top of my 'favorite stores' list. We both get the 20% off one item coupons all the time in the mail, and they will take them if they are expired. Heck, they even take Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons, too! I will have those Sharper Image Wireless Speakers at 20% off very soon!

Sunday we met my brother's ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend at Epcot. We still like he a whole lot and she wanted to see the Food and Wine festival. And her new boyfriend, though in his late 40's, was still a looker! We rode some rides and ate food from around the world. We finally got out of Epcot at 4 PM. We then headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond to check more home items. There we got a lesson on good knives and good cookware from Rebecca. She was very nice and knew her stuff...and doesn't even get commision on sales. We found the knife set we will be purchasing soon, and the Calphalon cookware set we want. I guarantee we will have them by Christmas time.


This just in: the doctor's office just called my cell and told me to fill the testosterone prescription and begin using it. Hairy ass and deeper voice, here I come! LOL!!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Sawmill Debauchery

Well, it was hard to believe we hadn't been to the Sawmill in almost two years. But since we had the addition & pool built, and got Logan and then Sydney, our weekends were often busy at the house. But we went there Saturday night for their Halloween festivities. We got there just in time to see the parade. We then checked out the store (Spike, you are still the nicest and cutest employee at the campground!) where Mark bought a new piece of jewelry for his P.A. I walked around the camground looking at the decorations on the cabins and mobile homes, and then met back up with Mark by the stage and we went through the haunted garage. That was a lot of fun, and the Wolfman in his jock strap was quite a treat! The devil in the leather singlet was a close second. While waiting about 15 minutes for Mark to get pictures of Wolfman, I stood around and got felt up by one of the actors wearing a skull mask. So I got a boner from a bonehead, you could say.

I didn't want to put all my photos in one post so I split it into three. I changed the posting times so this initial post will appear first. Make sure to check out the other two 'previous' posts. Enjoy the photos.


Golf carts are always used as floats in the parade

I don't know what they were supposed to be, but any reason to wear striped thigh-high stockings and NO underwear...

Watch out for Ursula!

This 'float' was really very inventive (she won for Best float, too)

Hey, Mr. Construction Worker!

I am at your command, Sir!

If it's not golf carts, it's trucks...

That wrap is barely covering his butt...

Who wouldn't want a bed they could drive around? Commander Whorf is right behind them. His was a really well done costume.

This was the Jetson's flying car.....mmmmmmm....yeah.

One of the Slutty Fairies


The Whole Slutty Fairy Brigade

They had names like Mary Kaye, Noxema, Revlon, etc

Cleopatra (Marc Anthony was driving)

Spooky Golf Cart

The Red Hat Ladies #1

Ok, Mr. Dark Angel. If you are gonna dress to impress, wear something other than black jeans for pants, for god's sake.

Ghouls later seen in the haunted garage

A golf cart pulled by a truck!