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Thursday, May 4, 2006

You Can't Say Homeowner...

...without saying 'homo'. It's true! Try it!

We went to our HOA meeting last night. It seems our funds are not the best because of all the money we waste on hiring lawyers to take residents to court who don't follow the neighborhood guidelines. But the good news is the new 'newsletter' should be delieverd soon. It's now more of a magazine with some ads (that pay for it). It should be a lot better looking than the colored-paper, tri-fold page they used to send out.


I went to see my MD yesterday to talk about my medicine that may have been the cause of my depression. I was int he waiting room for 1 hour and 50 minutes. I finally complained at the front desk when I saw people who arrived after me being taken in. They suddenly said I'd be the next one in. I had my co-worker call me and tell me my new boss wanted to see me (company audit was happening and I was supposed to talk about something - oh, well), for god's sake. I had to pay with cash, since their card machine was not working - I'm glad I had it because no one told me before I arrived. Once I get in, the 'nurse' has trouble working the scale for my weight, and even more trouble trying to take my blood pressure. Then, another MD comes in, not the one I made my appointment for. I discuss with him so I can simply get back to my job. He gives me a prescription for a blood test and tells me that getting enough sleep (he said my 6-7 hours a night is not enough) and eating 3-4 eggs a week will help testosterone production.

I was seen and out of there in under 10 minutes! I rescheduled an appointment to see my MD in three weeks...and find out it is her last week. I know she had threatened to leave if the front desk didn't pull their sh*t together. I can atest that they haven't. I only hope she moves to another practice that's nearby so I can keep seeing her.