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Monday, August 27, 2007

New college code of conduct

HARTFORD The leadership of Sacred Heart University, Fairfield University and Three College on Monday agreed to an out-of-court settlement with state functionaries over the controversial usage of so-called preferable loaners for pupil loans.

The university functionaries admitted no wrongdoing, but will add a sum of $75,000 to their scholarship funds. They said this lawsuit differs from others in the nation, because no university employees personally benefited from their professional human relationships with the college-loan organizations.

The three establishments accepted terms price reductions on gross sales of software system system from one loaner and a Fairfield University functionary took an out-of-state trip paid by another lender, according to Lawyer General Richard Blumenthal.

The Rev. Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J., president of Fairfield University, said no employees were disciplined for accepting $16,000 in discounts, which were given after The College Board Inc. was listed as a preferable lender.

In February of 2006, another loaner - AMS, an affiliate of the Sallie Mae program - flew the manager of Fairfield's assistance business office to Sunshine State for a three-day client focusing group, according to an "assurance of voluntary compliance" signed by Arx and Blumenthal.

Anthony J. Cernera, president of Sacred Heart University, said that no SHU employees were disciplined for taking $15,000 in software price reductions during 2004.

The College Board was also included on a listing of preferable loaners for students. In the 2004-2005 Advertisement

school year, the College Board's loan sum increased by more than than $2 million and in the two followers old age it increased by $4 million and $3.5 million, respectively, at Sacred Heart.

Trinity received a $12,000 price reduction from The College Board. All three establishments denied allegations of illegalities. Fairfield University will lend $28,000 to its general scholarship monetary fund by September 1 to countervail the fiscal benefits received by the college. Sacred Heart will lend $25,000 to its William Curtis Commuter Program scholarship. Three will donate $22,000 to a monetary fund for Capital Of Nutmeg State students.

The incentives were uncovered during a still-active, six-month investigation into inducements, conflicts-of-interest and improper patterns in the $85 billion-dollar student-loan industry.

During a news conference in his business office with members of the Connecticut Conference of Mugwump Colleges, Lawyer General Richard Blumenthal announced a new codification of behavior that forbids the type of British pound professional quo that have rocked the college-loan industry around the nation.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The College Second Home

Lena Datwani, a agent with Bellmarc Realty, states many of her clients are parents buying flats for their college-age children, and she is not alone in noting the trend. The thought is, parents put in an flat to supply lodging for their children in college and also, eventually, to utilize as a pied-à-terre. Related

Of course of study purchasing a piece of Manhattan, no substance how small, typically necessitates navigating the demands of hard-and-fast co-op boards. This twelvemonth Ms. Datwani establish an flat on Bleecker Street, in the bosom of Greenwich Village, for a New House Of York University pupil but was turned away because the building's co-op board allowed parents to purchase units of measurement only for steadily employed children, not those still in school. "I see parents who desire to purchase for their kid at N.Y.U.," she said, "but co-ops have got all sorts of rules. Some don't let for parents to purchase for children who are pupils at all. Others don't let pieds-à-terre, and often using the flat as a pied-à-terre is portion of the plan." Ms. Datwani eventually establish a place for the pupil on Fifth Avenue.

University towns, urban centres and rural enclaves alike are drawing purchasers seeking places for their college-bound family members. Developers are also catering to a growth grouping of alumni who desire to go back to the campus on weekends for on-campus cultural public presentations or sporting events.

Part of the marketplace is being driven by parents opting out of paying increasingly expensive on-campus room and board fees, which norm $8,149 a twelvemonth at a four-year private university, according to the College Board. Michael Zaransky, the co-chief executive director of Prime Place Investors in Northbrook, Ill., A existent estate house that have college lodging near respective campuses including the University of Prairie State and Purdue, described a Federal Soldier Housing Administration funding programme known as a "kiddie condo" loan, which he said could do the purchase of an off-campus abode for a kid even more than attractive.

The loan, designed for a pupil who will utilize the place as his or her primary residence, typically necessitates a down payment of about 3 percentage of the purchase price. The kid measure ups for the loan by having the parents co-sign and by using the parents' assets and recognition history. While co-signing A mortgage for a 19-year-old pupil might look a chilling prospect, Mr. Zaransky said the agreement could be very favorable. "It is not a bad trade in footing of the handiness of attractive funding and in footing of establishing recognition for their boy or daughter," he said.

Beyond the marketplace for students, more than developers are putting a turn on second-home ownership by catering to alumni who desire to be within walking distance of a football game bowl for game years and tailgating parties.

"We seek to be as stopping point to the athletic centre as possible," said Brad Pager, the president and main executive director of Gameday Centers Southeastern, the developer of condoes next to college campuses. "We marketplace through the alumni groups," he said. "A large trade for us is season ticket holders and extravagance boxes. Those are the people that be given to remain long weekends. They won't lose a football, baseball game or basketball game game." Gameday condominiums are sold furnished and are usually decorated with college Son and paraphernalia.

Another developer, Finishing Touch Companies, have respective condominiums in Baton Rouge, La., near Pelican State State University and in Manhattan, Kan., for Sunflower State State Wildcat Well fans.

In South Bend, Ind., place to the University of Notre Dame, about one-half of the condominiums at Stadium Club, a five-building condo-conversion undertaking with two-bedroom units of measurement selling for $134,900, have got been picked up by students' parents, while the residual are being used as holiday residences, said Jim Webb, an agent with Century 21, which is selling the project.

The development, he said, is also attracting purchasers who believe of themselves as parents of future pupils and are giving their children a taste sensation of college life.

"We have got one proprietor who was here for a game recently," Mr. Beatrice Webb said, "and he had all of his immature children with him. None of them had even taken the Saturday yet. We have got a batch of those hopeful types."

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Monday, August 6, 2007

College Search Made Easy

How a pupil hunts for colleges can be just as of import as where. The criteria for college hunts are almost as many as there are colleges and universities to take from. However, all hunts and standard aren't created equal.

The listing of possible hunt criteria could travel on forever, but there are definitely some that most college hunt land sites utilize more than often than others. The most common pick of standard in a hunt is a major. The major is a good topographic point to begin looking because if the pupil have got decided what they desire to make with their lives, they can seek colleges that have corresponding major league available. Also, if a pupil starts with another standard like location, that hunt will give consequences within a certain geographical location and not screen by major most times.

Other popular hunt criteria include hunts by college size, cost of tuition, ethnical or racial diversity, calling way and spiritual affiliations. The size of the college is a criteria that may not be as of import as many others. Most pupils recognize that a little school as well as a big university can offer quality academic standards.

The terms of a college is for many pupils the lone existent consideration, and obstacle, in searching for a worthy college or university. Some online hunts let the pupils to input signal values for the amount of tuition they are willing to pay a school. The consequences of a college hunt with this standard can be eye-opening experience. Determination out what certain schools complaint for tuition can be a crucial factor in choosing a school.

The type of pupil organic structure a prospective pupil might be a idea for some students. That is why another 1 of the hunt standard hunts colleges by race and ethnical background. Usually, there are pre determined dropdown menus with percents of diverseness the prospective pupil desires in a college. This is usually not a very determiner factor in most college student's searches.

The last major standard that pupils utilize to seek is spiritual affiliation. Many pupils desire to cognize that their current religion and beliefs systems will be observed or better yet, celebrated, while they go to there. Using this college hunt criteria is simply something a pupil would utilize if they already had a peculiar spiritual college in head or wanted to additional narrow the search.

Other criterion, like part of the country, public versus private, athletics rankings and extracurricular activities usually come up 2nd to some of the more than urgent college hunt criteria. Starting off with the rudiments in a hunt and whittling down the options from there is a smart attack to take.

There are hunts that offering a batch more elaborate college search. If, for instance, a pupil wanted to cognize what courses of study that social classes offered or what the norm ages and graduation rankings of current fresher was, that information is available too. However, focusing on too many inside information can really do the procedure a batch more complicated. Sticking with the rudiments criteria is the easiest manner to acquire good results.

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