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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Have any of you seen the new Brawny papertowel ads? Can you say homo-erotic? So homo-erotic that some of them have been edited?

In the first ad seen on the Brawny site, check out the humongous bulge in Brawny Man's pants at the very end of the commercial. Glad he has all that paper towel to clean up with afterwards. In the edited commercial they do a close-up on him so you can't see the crotch bulge.

You can watch the sequel commercial on the Brawny site, but it's been edited. Watch it on the second link I posted and notice the section where the Brawny Man drops a huge glob of frosting on the guy's cheek and then wipes it off. It's been taken out. Is it really frosting that hits his cheek? Hmmmm......

If only they got sexier. How's this for the next ad?

There's a guy laying in bed masturbating. He orgasms with loud gasps and moans and lays there panting. Then the Brawny Man (naked) walks into view and and starts wiping him clean with a roll of Brawny papertowels. It would sell a million more rolls for them. Hell, I'd buy stock in the company at that point.