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Thursday, March 16, 2006

HNT (Sort-of)

Since I haven't had any new HNT pics taken, and I honestly can't think of any new 'poses', either...I decided to continue HNT by posting pleasing pics of others. Here is today's speciman:

Now I can't write here what I would truly want to do to him...or should I say, have him do to me?...but this pic is so incredibly hot, And it's not some professional photo shoot picture, either. This guy is not airbrushed or color adjusted. Nothing like a good leather pic to get my day going. WOOF!


I look at my creditcard balance every week to make sure there are no unauthorized charges, and to check ym spending. Crap! I have been spending a lot. I've been paying off the balance carried every payday (for me, that's every two weeks), and I can cover the amount, but I have been unable to pay Mark any of the money I still owe him. $499 was the latest amount. I looked at all my chargers and looked at the larger ones. My goal is to not go over $400 for this next period.


Marks is traveling 4 different times in April, now. He will be away almost as much as he will be in town. Looks like I will get lots of time to play Kingdom Hearts 2 on the big screen.


Poor Logan. The other day he carried one of his toys outside with him to go to the bathroom. This happens when we've just gotten home and they've been locked up for awhile, they'll run around with toys as if it's some offering to us that we came home and they want to show their appreciation. Sydney has started doing this, too, having picked it up from Logan. Well, Logan dropped it on the yard and came back in. Mark picked it up and threw it onto the porch for the two kids to go after...but this hard rubber toy is not round, but more like a molecule shape with a noise maker inside. This toy hit the ground and bounced sideways into the pool. Logan stood there watching it as it went under and floated to the top. Then all the air from inside escaped and it sank to the bottom of the pool. Logan then laid down and just stared at it, 6 feet down, ont he bottom of the pool, just like a little kid who is watching their plastic bucket being washed out to sea by a wave and can't do anything about it. I had to grab the long brush pole and work it up to the shallow end and onto the steps. The water was freezing and there was no way I was going to get into that.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

HNT Some More

I love jock-straps. When I was younger I hated seeing guys wearing them, but that changed around the time I found my BDSM side, and now I love a guy in a jock and I enjoy wearing them (though, not at work).


Looks like we are finally hiring a third person to assist the Help Desk. I don't want to go into too great a detail, but th person who got picked is no the one AJ and I wanted, but the other ones we liked either didn't have enough experience or had something int heir background check that our company will not allow.



Mark was reading me a newspaper article about this town in Florida called The Villages. It's just North of us and it's where all these old folks come to retire. Well, the article was talking about how all these old farts from New York form groups like the NY Restaurant Club, Theater Club, and such. Then they start quoting these worthless gas bags. Every quote went something like this: 'There aren't any good -INSERT ITEM HERE- like there was in New York, so we made a club so we can talk about it.'

Go fuck yourselves you old farts! Christ! If New York is so much better, why come down here and plague us? Pick up your dentures and move your shit back there! I honestly believe a big part of why Florida is messed up is because of all the old people who retire here. I know the roads would be a lot safer. A friend of my mom's was just in an accident because an old man decided to suddenly make a left turn from the right-hand lane in front of him. And schools? They don't give a shit about them because their satanic brood is living in another state so these old prunes don't need to be concerned about education; it's not affecting them.